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Swimming pools restyling for diving and swimming by the new FINA rules

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Zetapool has completed the installation of the new walk way for the modernization of a  pool complex having a single swimming pool with adjoining diving pool.

The customer had needed to modernize its swimming facility to be able to water sports competitions, because it was outdated and not approved for official competitions, and to take advantage of two basins at the same time.

After a first analysis, following FINA regulations, it has been chosen to totally separate the two basins solution to perform all competitive events (swimming and diving).

In order to implement this project, Zetapool has introduced a fixed walk way of 50mt length with variable depth (2 to 4 mt) according to the trend of the pool. This structure are made in stainless steel 316Ti  and coated with polyethylene grills, allows to divide the pool in two units and provide a walk way for the judges during the competition.

Ottimizzazione spazio piscina

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