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In the last years were born many new courses and activities to be performed in the pool as water aerobics, synchronized swimming, rehabilitation activities that require different levels of water depth.

For this reason ZetaPool through a careful analysis of the new activities and swim facilities where these are carried out has studied various solutions to adjust the water level.

The different types of movable floors are designed to seamlessly integrate into existing and under construction pools.
These platforms are composed of a stainless steel frame 304 (to request 316L) and coated by polyethylene grids.

ZetaPool offers two different types of mobile floor:

  • automatic version;
  • manual version.

Given that the use of the pools and the management of pools is increasingly complex and articulated, the technology of “mobile floor” is rapidly expanding because nowadays it requires more and more the use of these devices to carry out multiple activities in the same area with different levels of water depth.

Cod: 2013 Automatic moveable floor

The automatic movable floor is used for varying the level of water according to the activities to do.

It consists of an assembly of reticular spatial beams constructed from stainless steel sections welded and, in turn connected and braced to each other so as to achieve a homogeneous and resistant platform.

The structure is connected to the edge of the pool through from time to time studied angular that contain the safety mechanisms.

Also it has one or more apertures for the regular cleaning of the pool, maintenance and inspection of the entire structure and of a handling system.

The structure is entirely covered with grids in polypropylene compound unalterable UV and chemical agents present in the water. The color of your choice using plans and special pieces with rounded edge slip, with dark demarcation at the center lines of the lanes race like FINA rules require and in accordance with the lanes of the existing pool.

The movement is possible by means of linear actuators fed by a compressor placed in the machine room and controlled by sensors that detect the position at each instant for a correct positioning of the same. The control panel is simple and intuitive and allows the user a quick control of the platform.

Cod: 00310: Manual movable floor

The platform consists of standard modules of sizes 2×1 m , whose structure is composed of a stainless steel frame 304 , on request 316L, supported by screw stainless steel legs and PVC feet with adjustable stainless steel shank.
The floor surface are made from polyetihylene grids unalterable UV and Chemical Agents present in the water.
The platform decreases, in the circumscribed area, the Water depth , facilitating the swimming training for children and beginners , water aerobics exercises , etc .
The entire platform and completely removable for easy cleaning of the pool bottom.