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In the last years swimming pool facilities experienced the increase of new water sports and swimming activities to be performed in the pool, as water aerobics, synchronized swimming, rehabilitation activities,… but they require different levels of water depth. For this reason ZetaPool did a careful analysis of the new activities and the existing swimming facilities where these are carried out, to study various solutions to adjust the water level to each situation.
The main resolution ZetaPool studied is a platform called “movable floor”, composed of a stainless steel frame 304 (or 316L upon request) covered by polyethylene grids.
The different types of movable floor are designed to perfectly integrate into both already existing and under construction pools.
ZetaPool offers two different types of mobile floor:

  • automatic version;
  • manual version.

The use of pools and the management of swimming facilities is getting more complex day by day, and the technology of “mobile floor” is rapidly expanding to provide solutions that allow multiple activities in the same area with different levels of water depth.
prodotto da zetapool
Cod: 2013  Automatic moveable floor

he automatic movable floor is used to adjust the level of water to each activity the swimming pool may offer. It consists of an assembly of reticular spatial beams made of welded stainless steel sections connected and braced to each other in order to achieve a homogeneous and resistant platform.
The structure is connected to the edge of the pool through angle brackets (studied and constructed each time) that contain the safety mechanisms of the platform.
The structure has also one or more trapdoor: to ease the regular cleaning of the pool, the maintenance and the inspection of the entire structure and of the handling system.
The structure is entirely covered with grids in polypropylene compound, insensitive to ultraviolet rays and chemical agents added to the water.
Grids are available in various colours. The structure use both plan and special grids, with rounded edges, non-slip and with dark grids delimiting midpoint of the race-lanes , in compliance with FINA regulation and according also to the existing lanes of the pool.
Handling is ensured through air tanks, powered by a compressor placed in machine room; movement is controlled by detectors that monitor at all times the position to guarantee a correct placement of the platform.
Final users can quickly check the platform using an intuitive, easy-to-use control panel.

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prodotto da zetapool
Cod: 00310 Manual movable floor

The platform is made of standard modules of sizes 2×1 m consisting of frames in stainless steel 304 (or 316L upon request), supported by stainless steel legs (adjustable) and PVC feets (adjustable).
The structure is entirely covered with grids in polyetihylene, insensitive to ultraviolet rays and chemical agents added to the water
Platform decreases water depth in circumscribed areas enabling swimming training for children and beginners, water aerobics exercises , etc .
Entire platform is completely removable for regular cleaning of the pool bottom.

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