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The ZetaPool removable headwalls are made in according with the FINA regulations, they provide that, on competition pools with overflow edge on all four sides need to be provided on the short sides of the pool, a wall hight 30 cm above the water level.
The great advantage of this system is to allow the water overflow on all four sides and at the same time provide an ideal support for the timing electronic touch pads, starting blocks and floating lane line anchors.

Cod: 00610 Headboard

The ZetaPool removable headwalls are made for FINA regulations to allow the recirculation of water in overflow swimming pool on all four sides.
Consisting of a stainless steel frame 304 or 316L, polished or painted with epoxy powders, the structure is covered with grilled polypropylene compound unalterable to UVA rays and chemical agents present in the water, and in the center lines matches the color is different.


Cod: 00659 - Partition wall

If you need to divide a swimming pool in 2 basin, our partition wall may be an optimal solution.

The modular structure are made of stainless steel 304 or 316L covered with grills in polypropylene compounds.


Cod: 00620 - turning pannel

The turning panel * create a suitable turning area for athletes and at the same time guarantee the perfect water circulation in a pool with water owerflow.

In this way the swimmer has available a turning area according to FINA standards.

It is composed of a frame is stainless steel 304 or 316L painted with epoxy powder, with grilled in polypropylene compound and delimitation of dark color in correspondence of the center lines.
the structure is adjustable and adaptable to anchorages already present in the pool.
* Compatible with our model 00120 Block Florence High.