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Equipment for swimming pools

ZetaPool company in the sector of stainless steel processing, has gained extensive experience in the public and private swimmingpools sector. This experience combined with the new technology research and development in different sectors, allow us to design and manufacture a wide range of products and equipment to meet the full needs of our customers.

ZetaPool technical department always gives top priority to the customer focus, and thanks to this are made from high-quality products and fully meet customer needs.

In addition to standard products that follow the FINA regulations (such as starting blocks, breakwater lanes and winding lanes, water polo equipment, and accessories for swimmingpools) the company has its strong point in the design and manufacture of products / equipment for swimming facilities.

Through careful listening to customers’ needs, ZetaPool is able to develop multiple products to equip the pools according to their needs.

This is demonstrated by the accomplishments of

Why choose our products

All products included in this catalogue are entirely produced by ourselves.
All our products are designed, built, assembled and tested in strict accordance with all the current regulations as listed below:

  • FINA regulations for the construction of jetties.
  • Law n. 1086 of 5/11/1971 – Regulations governing structures in re-inforced concrete, both normal and pre-compressed and using a metal structure.
  • Technical Regulations C.N.R. (Centro Nazionale Ricerche) 10011-85 of 18/04/1985 – Construction in steel–Instructions for the calculation, operation, testing and maintenance.
  • C.N.R. (National Research Centre) – Technical Regulations 10022-84 Cold-formed steel sections – Instructions for use in construction
  • D.M. Min. LL.PP.09/01/1996 – Technical regulations for works in re-inforced concrete both normal and pre-compressed and for metallic structures
  • Ord. N. 3274 of 20/03/2003 – Technical regulations for works in steel

All our products

All images and dimensions of the products shown in this catalogue are purely indicative. The company reserves the right to change and/or modify the content of the catalogue at any time, without notice. For more detailed information, please request the description of the relevant product.