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From his experience in the sector of swimming facilities, ZetaPool dedicates its own business unit to equipment for water sports and particularly for water polo.

ZetaPool provides regulatory waterpolo goal by FINA rules, and training version, the floating goals are built to the highest quality standards, in addition to the goals  also perovide benches for players, referees walkways and lanes with regulatory color.


Conforms with FINA

  • Posts and crossbar must be in rectangular section of width 75 mm.
  • Painted in a single colour, white.
  • Goal width 3 m. measured from inside the posts.
  • Height of crossbar 90 cm from water surface.
  • Fixing point of line indicator 30 cm from the goal net.
Porta pallanuoto water polo goal

Cod: 00700 Water polo goal

  • Structure: floating base in fibreglass. Posts and crossbar in alluminium painted white.
  • Post backs in stainless steel painted blue Can be completely dimantled for ease of transport.

Cod: 00750 Small waterpolo goals

In anodized aluminum, the float base is filled with closed-cell polyurethane foam.

Available size :

  • 90X120 cm;
  • 90×150 cm;
  • 90×200 cm;
  • 90×300 cm;
  • 75×215 cm.
mini porta pallanuoto water polo goal
Tribune Panchine giocatore pallanuoto bench for water polo player

Cod: 00350 Bench for waterpolo players

Structure in stainless steel, floor decking in blown polyethylene, and 12 seats in PVC arranged in two tiers,
the bench is designed to be easily moved and stored thanks to the system “turn and push


Cod: 00300 Referees walk way

  • Structure of frame in stainless steel AISI 304( on request 316L) size 1×1 m with adjustable feet in stainless steel and nylon.
  • The platform are made in polyethilene grid which is resistant to UV riys and chemical agents present on water.
  • the walk way have a regular colors.
passerella arbitri referes walkway